Leon’s Specialist Topics:

In the years that have followed Leon’s professional rugby career, he turned his lessons, experiences and transferrable skills from sport to business, making that all-important transition into the ‘real world’. These learnings now form Leon’s specialist topics (see below the video on this page) which he delivers through a variety of services; (1) Masterclasses, (2) Keynotes, and (3) Pre-recorded Video.

Listen to Leon on the Wakelet podcast discuss his key passions and specialist topics, as well as talking about how he helps transfer his learnings and experience from high performing sports teams to the teams in the work place. Click below to play.

TEAMWORK (click to expand):

Sometimes it’s the small changes which can be the deciding factor between what makes a good team and what makes a great team. By fully understanding your role within your team, and appreciating other contributions, you can maximise your strengths and align your personal goals with those of your teams. Using transferable skills that Leon has gained from elite sport, he’ll help you identify your own ‘World Cup’ target and the steps you need to take to achieve it.

PEOPLE (click to expand):

All our actions are the result of internal emotions, thoughts, feelings, and external situational concerns. To be an accomplished manager or leader, it is vital you develop a high level of emotional intelligence in order to manage yourself and others effectively. In this session delegates will explore the essence of behaviour, thought, and feeling, and how this varies from person to person.

SUCCESS (click to expand):

In this session delegates will explore the meaning of success in their environment, and how that may or may not align with the organisation’s view of success. By controlling the controllables and focussing on the plan, actions and review, individuals will be able to effectively plan for success and the journey beyond. The tools developed within this workshop will ensure that success is viewed collectively as a journey and not a destination, and one over which your decisions give you full control.

SWEET & SOUR (click to expand):

This session will look at managing change, as well as identifying potential barriers, conflicts, and challenges that often arise when we are faced with change. It will assess and determine how to find positives from each potential negative scenario, whilst keeping the momentum going. Life is full of setbacks, but by understanding and planning for them, their impact can be better controlled, helping to create a company culture that thrives.

TRANSITION (click to expand):

We all experience transitions in our lives, not just from sport to the real world, but from one job to another. In this session, Leon teaches the importance of planning ahead and how horizon scanning can help us better understand where our resilience may be tested for future challenges.


Leon offers a range of masterclasses, tailored to meet the needs of the group and designed to maximise learning, development, and performance. The sessions are a deep dive in to his specialist topics and aim to provide attendees with tangible takeaways in a fun and collaborative way designed for maximum impact. Please note the session length can vary depending on if it is delivered online or in person.

Leon is an accredited Colour Me practitioner and combines his passion for people development with bespoke behavioural profiling tools. Helping individuals to identify their strengths and potential blind spots leads to greater team efficiency and accountability. Research shows that people find it easier to relate to the idea of adapting their behaviour rather than personality. Each attendee will receive a personalised behavioural report that identifies their preferred effective and ineffective communications strategies, as well as remote working preferences to help aid improvements in the workplace and team.


Leon’s keynote presentations are specifically designed to engage and inspire large audiences. Clients typically choose 2-3 of Leon’s specialist topics outlined above to create a bespoke experience that will be most relevant for their organisation.

pre-recorded session (60 MINS), fireside chat & Q+A (30 Mins)| DURATION 90 minutes

Leon also offers a pre-recorded version of his Keynote Speeches. These recordings will be followed by a live interactive, facilitated session where the content can be discussed in greater detail, in addition to a wider Q&A. 

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