leon Giving back

As the eldest of four children Leon left school at 16 to pursue a professional sports career and has benefitted from lots of support and guidance along his journey. As result of this, giving back to others less fortunate is high on his personal agenda.

As one of the Co-Founders and former CEO of the Switch the Play Foundation, Leon led the UK’s first charity focusing on assisting athletes and members of the military with their transition and development into the next phase of their lives. Having successfully transitioned into the world of business himself, Leon has been able to physically implement all he has learnt from sport and academia to assist athletes in preparing for their move into the corporate world.

Having become a Patron for Action Deafness in 2017 Leon, along with his fellow Patrons, aim to raise the profile and increase the support available for the deaf community.

Initially inspired by his daughter who taught him basic sign language that she was learning so she could communicate better with one of her classmates, Leon was delighted to be invited to become a Patron of such an inspiring charity.

In 2004, Leon became both an Ambassador and Business Mentor for the Princes Trust and he continues to work with the charity today.

The Prince’s Trust is a charity for young people. They help 11 to 30 year-olds to develop the confidence and skills they need to try free courses and start careers. The Trust has helped over 1,000,000 young people to date and supports over 100 more each day.

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