tallow and shea butter soap recipe

Back when people first started making soap, there were only two readily-available ingredients: lye and tallow. … When formulating your recipe to include animal tallow, be sure to reference the soap making oil chart in order to best consider the qualities tallow brings to the soap. Take good notes in your ​soap notebook, and above all, keep on soaping! You can adjust this recipe by adding the soap ingredients of your preference. 45% olive oil. Tallow – 5 oz. Cut your coconut and shea butter soap into around 12 slices. It is highly unlikely you will have issues using tallow on the rest of your body. It increases the lather and gives the soap a nice creaminess. Soap Making for Beginners: 3 Easy Soap Recipes • Lovely Greens Recipe 4. While the lye is cooling down, add tallow to a big Pyrex Jug (2ltr or bigger). As promised, here is an Easy Soap Recipe. https://wellnessmama.com/8555/hypoallergenic-lotion-bar-recipe Recipe 5. Shea butter or cocoa butter can also be used, but they’re more expensive so I use tallow most of the time. Slowly pour the lye into the water, stirring gently until the lye is fully dissolved. Because tallow is inexpensive to buy, luxury oils such as babassu, apricot seed, and shea butters can be enjoyed in your soap without driving the cost per bar too high. If you have not made soap before, please see Safety Precautions for basic soap safety and other important instructions. Though you can make soap using only one oil, the best soap recipes have a balance of oils. Tallow is a very economical ingredient, allowing you to use the most costly “luxury” oils while maintaining a reasonable cost per bar. It's good to learn the craft of soap making by using a tested recipe at first. Some may dislike the use of tallow or lard in soap, since they are animal byproducts. Because it acts in a similar manner to palm oil, it will produce a hard soap with stable, but not abundant lather. Olive Oil Soap with Shea Butter. your own Pins on Pinterest (15% of oils) Sodium Hydroxide – 2.06 oz. It will yield a hard, gentle lotion bar and a creamy white salve. Luckily, it is also one of the greatest soap ingredients of all time. Your email address will not be published. I strongly recommend either making a small amount without the cocoa butter to be used exclusively on your face, or patch testing the cocoa butter/tallow mixture on your face before using it. David Fisher has been making soap for over 15 years. In the microwave, heat the cocoa butter for about 3 minutes at 50 percent power. Many soapers also swear by adding 4-6% castor oil to their recipes. Altogether, this creates a perfect soap for working hands that are hard to clean, like mechanics. Last fall, I also created a tallow variation, but I’ve misplaced the recipe since then! https://lovelygreens.com/how-to-make-natural-cinnamon-soap-recipe So ... an even better, basic recipe for soap would be: See how it's balanced with a combination of hard, lathering and moisturizing oils? Step 5: Cover the soap with a lid or piece of card then place a lightweight towel over it to keep it warm for 24 hrs or until the soap has hardened. I have made lots of homemade soap over the past 18 months, and this is the easy soap recipe I return to often. Go to my homemade soap page (tab on top menu) and choose a soap recipe that is basic if you don’t have a lot of the other ingredients. So a basic recipe could be: That would be a great, balanced basic bar of soap. Goat milk soap recipes need little shea butter, if at all, because the goat milk already makes the recipe creamy and rich. Most Shea butter additions to soaps are in the couple of percent. ", The Spruce Crafts uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. The beeswax additive should be about 1% to 2% of your overall recipe; more will cut down the soap’s lather. He currently owns Bath Rabbit Soap Company and is the author of "The Complete Photo Guide to Soap Making. Now, if you wanted to use only vegetable oils, you could use: 25% palm oil. **If you cannot find ethically sourced palm oil or would prefer to not use palm oil at all, it can be substituted with lard, It should be hard and creamy white throughout. Tallow is basically animal fat rendered for soapmaking, and many soapers still use tallow in their recipes. Slowly add the lye water to the warm oils and mix well by hand. Lard will also produce a very white, hard bar of soap with a creamy, emollient lather. I've lowered the amount of coconut oil and palm oil and added nutrient rich ingredients like On the stovetop, melt at low-medium heat. Shea Butter Does Not Lather. Get DIY project ideas and easy-to-follow crafts to help you spruce up your space. So a basic recipe could be: 30% tallow. Print Recipe Whipped Tallow Body Butter. Don't be afraid to experiment. Tallow is the hard, white fat that is rendered from cows, goats, deer, bears and other animals besides pigs during butchering. Castor Oil – 4 oz. Weigh tallow, coconut oil, olive oil, and castor oil, and put into a crockpot on high, or a pot on the stove on low heat. 25% coconut oil. As promised, here is an Easy Soap Recipe. I strongly recommend either making a small amount without the cocoa butter to be used exclusively on your face, or patch testing the cocoa butter/tallow mixture on your face before using it. Ingredients. Now, if you wanted to use only vegetable oils, you could use: This is a great, basic recipe for soap. One note: Soap made with tallow does often have mild fatty scent, which doesn’t bother most people. When replacing palm in a recipe, you’ll want to find an oil/butter that contains high amounts of palmitic or stearic acid. https://www.humblebeeandme.com/10-recipes-to-make-with-shea-butter https://www.theprairiehomestead.com/2016/01/tallow-soap-recipe.html You can read it here. Tallow/Lard: You can substitute this in direct proportion for palm oil; using up to 25 to 35% in a recipe. Do you want to know how to make Shea Butter soap that is super moisturizing and gentle on your skin? So you want to make some homemade soap? Avocado oil, shea butter and fresh avocado are the key players for this soap. Just like consulting a cookbook, starting out by using a recipe from a book or website is great. The lye amount will remain unchanged. You can find beef tallow for sale at many butcher shops and at some grocery stores in the meat department. Set aside until cooled to 140F. Weigh the water in a heat safe container or sturdy plastic bucket, and weigh lye … Plus, this soap recipe contains ground pumice, which adds to the exfoliating power. 44 gm Castor Oil 270 gm Coconut Oil 22 gm Shea Butter 540 gm Tallow 15 gm Beeswax 125 gm Lye Weigh the water and the lye into separate, safe containers. This soap made me realise that making soap was so much easier (and quicker) than I thought it was going to be. https://bellatory.com/hygiene-grooming/Five-shea-butter-soap-recipes I used her DIY kit for the coconut oil, shea butter, and beeswax. I have made lots of homemade soap over the past 18 months, and this is the easy soap recipe … A recipe for cold process soap using mango butter: rich and nourishing, this soap is great for hands or for the shower. To further enrich your soap, try adding 1 teaspoon of honey diluted with 1 teaspoon of water at trace (step 4), when you add the essential oil. Makers of goat milk soap may add shea simply for the aesthetic value. What can I use instead of tallow or lard in soap? (helps the soap stay fluid) Water – 25.8 oz. Also, we have a cute idea for creating handmade soaps! With all natural ingredients, it’s gentle enough to double as a facial moisturizer too. On one hand, it’s good stewardship to use something that would normally be thrown away. Shaving Soap The fullers earth makes the soap slippery so the blade will glide over the skin, and the shea butter is added for moisturizing. © 2020, Countryside - All Rights Reserved, Rebatching Soap: How to Save Failed Recipes. Just think of tallow the way you would think of palm oil and stearic acid because tallow is actually full of the same fatty acids as these soap making ingredients. Seriously, who can resist something called MANGO BUTTER? Olive Oil Soap with Shea Butter. It is the one I made first. Next, add the coconut oil … On the other hand, it’s not compatible with the beliefs of vegans and some religions. By using The Spruce Crafts, you accept our, Balanced Recipes With Different Types of Oils, Simple Old Fashioned Hard White Soap Recipes, Measurements vs. Whether it's because you only have certain oils on hand, or you're looking to create the perfect bar of soap, creating your own recipe allows you to control each and every ingredient. I wrote an entire article on this! What's more, the unsaponifiables that I … Be careful grabbing the jug, it might be hot. INGREDIENTS. That would be a great, balanced basic bar of soap. This may mean substituting milk for part or all of the water or adding up to two teaspoons of the additive of your choice, such as powdered herbs, aloe vera gel, yogurt or pureed and strained fresh produce. Lard is a softer fat derived from pigs. Tallow for soap making should be fresh and with little odor. Tags: soap making, tallow, natural skincare, Virginia, Sarah Hart Morgan, I love this time of year. Required fields are marked *. Percentages in Soap Making Recipes, How to Make Bastille Soap for Sensitive Skin, How to Make Biodegradable Soap for Camping, Soleseife or Brine and Salt Water Soap Recipe, Different Types of Olive Oil for Soap Making Recipes. Gradually add the lye into the cold water, stirring until it dissolves well. Shea Butter – 4 oz. In a separate container, individually weigh out each of the fats before pouring into a large, lye-safe container. The answer is no. It can also be very emollient when combined with other soap making oils, such as olive oil. Grass fed tallow fans will love this pure tallow soap recipe. https://simplepurebeauty.com/6398/all-natural-homemade-tallow-soap-recipe https://simplepurebeauty.com/6398/all-natural-homemade-tallow-soap-recipe A variety of different essential oils can be used in this tallow shampoo bar recipe. Glycerin – 4.35 oz. Goat milk soap recipes need little shea butter, if at all, because the goat milk already makes the recipe creamy and rich. Every oil brings its own properties to a bar of soap, and finding the perfect soap recipe is a balance of those things. When the cocoa butter is partially melted, add the shea butter and continue heating until it is partially melted. For more info on all the reasons why I love to add tallow to my shampoo bars and other soap recipes, check out this post on why add tallow to soap here. If it is not available locally, you can purchase it from reputable online sellers such as Essential Depot, a soap making supplies website. So think of tallow as the backbone of a soap and shea butter as an 'add on ingredient.' A basic balanced recipe should have some of at least the first three oil categories—hard, lathering, and moisturizing. Mix well by hand, using a lye-safe utensil. While it can be a controversial ingredient, it acts similar to palm oil in soap, adding lather stability and hardness to soap. My favorite is the triple butter soap base, but I realize not everyone has access to kokum butter, so created a double butter version, plus a simpler shea butter version. You can add beeswax to any of your natural soap recipes. Coconut is primarily used because it makes a great lather but makes a super hard bar too. Tallow is primarily used as a base oil (hard), but it makes really creamy, moisturizing lather. There are many other tallow uses, including emollient solid lotion bars, salves, and even lightweight liquid lotions. Hot Process Dual Lye Tallow Shave Soap Recipe. 180 grams palm oil; 180 grams shea butter After you have decided on a balance of oils, you just need to run your combination of oils through a lye calculator of your choice and you're ready to go. Once the soap is hard enough to remove from the mold and trim any unwanted edges. Sep 2, 2017 - This Pin was discovered by Megan Van. For this reason, coconut oil is often added to tallow recipes to boost the performance of the lather. If you would like to know how to make tallow, stay tuned for future articles on the topic! It makes a moisturizing yet cleansing bar with tons of lather. (The beeswax wasn't going anywhere because that's what makes the lotion bar firm.) Olive oil – 10 oz Coconut oil – 10 oz Cocoa butter – 4 oz Rice Bran oil – 8 oz Lye – 4.5 oz Water – 8 oz. Shea butter – 6 oz Lye – 4.35 oz Water – 8 oz. Tallow and soy wax base with lanolin and shea butter Water in this recipe was replaced with a Maple Saison (Belgian-style farmhouse ale) that I brewed with maple sap from trees that I tapped this spring. Nov 8, 2019 - This pure tallow soap recipe uses only 100% tallow as the oil ingredient. Feel free and consult other lye soap recipes on this site for inspiration. But think of those recipes as just a starting point—because there's nothing quite like creating your own recipe from scratch. This soap should be cut as soon as it is hardened and cooled, which may be sooner than 24 hours after making. Fresh avocado fruit as well as avocado oil contains vitamins A, D and E and nourishing omega 3 fatty acids. Recipe contains 6% superfat. 17.5 oz tallow, melted and cooled to 140 degrees F, 8.5 oz coconut oil, melted and cooled to 140 degrees F, 8.5 oz olive oil, warmed to 140 degrees F. Tallow gives soap firmness, and a creamy lather. Soapmaking oils each have different fatty acid makeups. Or better yet, think of tallow as the steak and Shea butter as the salt and pepper. Tallow melts at between 130-140 degrees F and it is solid at room temperature. You can make a soap with tallow or lard, olive oil, and your red Palm oil along with your lye water and essential oils and it will be a great bar. If there is a good substitute for palm oil in a recipe I will use it, which is what I’ve done here. Stearic Acid – 8 oz. Shea butter or cocoa butter can also be used, but they’re more expensive so I use tallow most of the time. The percentage of each of the fatty acids in the oil determines how each oil will contribute a different quality to the final bar of soap. It is the one I made first. Recipe 3. This takes about 6-7 minutes in my microwave, but I melt it in 2-minute blocks. Discover (and save!) It has similar qualities in soap as palm oil. Peppermint is nice for a refreshing change otherwise any of the floral ones will make it seem extra fancy. https://www.ouroilyhouse.com/homemade-soap-recipe-melt-and-pour 1. My main hesitation with using it is because often antibiotics and other toxins a… Potassium Hydroxide – 3.10 oz. It may also be marketed under the name “suet” and may be sold in the meat department as bird food in winter. Or, should I keep both coconut oil and shea butter in the original recipe, and add tallow, too? If you are new to animal fats for soap making and have not seen clarified tallow available in your local grocery store, don’t worry — we will tell you where to buy tallow online or in your local community. Generally, the qualities can be categorized in four ways: Many oils will have multiple characteristics, for example, shea butter is super moisturizing and makes a very hard bar of soap as well. Castile soap, made mostly with olive oil, is also softening and may not need shea butter. This recipe uses cocoa butter which for many people can be comedogenic. Shea butter doesn't react much with lye and so can't comprise the bulk of a soap's ingredients. Lauric and myristic acid are the fatty acids that contribute to lather. Your email address will not be published. your own Pins on Pinterest Shea butter can be added to any from-scratch soap recipe, though adjustments need to be made based on the other ingredients. Olive oil – 18 oz Coconut oil – 8 oz Shea butter – 6 oz Lye – 4.4 oz Water – 8 oz. Sodium Lactate – 2 oz. https://thenerdyfarmwife.com/how-to-make-any-soap-recipe-palm-free What is tallow? Tallow soap has many wonderful qualities to recommend it, such as a hard, long-lasting bar and creamy lather. The best, hardest tallow comes from sheep or beef, and the organ fats called suet.

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